About Cyprianis

Cyprianis Mediterranean Bar and grill has been created by Nick Constantine, a well known restaurateur around the Kent area. After the sale of the Ferraris Italian brasseries he moved on to open the first Mediterranean bar and grill in Banstead Surrey and then moved back Kent to take over the Plaza at Locksbottom. He spent the last three years there and gave a total transformation of the plaza from design and menu change to suit the affluent are that Cyprianis is situated in.


Nick design skills able him to offer the warm ambiance people are looking for. He design his restaurants him self as always listens to his customers over the last 30 years in the business. Starting as chef going back 35 years he designs his menus and always have a great attractive offers to suit everyone from midweek to Sunday lunch. Sources the best ingredients is an important factor and the best produce always are used for his menus.

Now he has taken over the long suffering café plaza in Pettswood and given it a total transformation to a high Mediterranean standards. With a large selection of wines from around the world and great menu, it makes you feel that you’re dining in the West End of London.

A chef himself always moves on with the times in our industry and keeps developing his menus with fresh ideas.

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